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iOS 5: New Features

iOS 5 is now released to the public with over 200+ new features. In this post I wanted to cover all of the new features so you don't miss anything. I will have a video up later going over some of the main features in iOS 5 like: Notification Center, iMessage, iCloud, PC Free, Safari, Camera, Twitter, Newstand, Reminders, and more. For now here is the list of all the new features via This list was posted back in June so I'm sure a lot has been added or removed since then. If you notice any change I need to make or new features to add please let me know!

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Pre-Orders for iPhone 4S Start at 12:01 PST Tonight!

If you plan on pre-ordering the iPhone 4S it will be available starting at 12:01AM PST/3AM EST tonight on Apple, Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. I'm intersted to know if you guys will be pre ordering. I am going to continue my yearly routine of picking the newest iPhone up at my local AT&T store. Last year you could pre-order and pick up in store but when I called AT&T they told me they aren't doing it this year. I'll just make sure to get there early enough to insure I get the new iPhone 4S. 

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