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New iPad 3rd Gen and AppleTV

My full recap video of todays Apple event where they announce the new iPad and AppleTV.


Messages Beta for Mac - iMessage any iOS device or Mac

Apple just released a beta version of its new Messages app for Mac. This app has long been expected from Apple, and as rumors hold true, its a replacement for iChat. The new Messages app will allow you to message any Mac using the Messages app, or any iPhone, iPod, or iPad using iMessage. (why didn't they just call it iMessage for mac). Currently I get an error on the download page on Apple's site so I can't download it at the moment. But give it a shot for yourself and see if you can download and use iMessage! Video coming later today...



Download Messages Beta for Mac -


Belfry Adds Stock iPhone Apps to a Jailbroken iPad

If you haven't noticed yet, there are a few applications that the iPhone and iPod Touch both sport where as the iPad doesn't. Well now there is a new app in Cydia called Belfry that will give you all of those apps: Stocks, Weather, Calculator, Voice Memo, Compass and Clock. Belfry is a free download in Cydia via the Big Boss source and it will work on any iPad iOS 5.0+. Give it a download to get those apps that Apple just decided not to give you....for whatever reason.


Apple 2012 Q1 Earnings Call

Today Apple had their quarterly earnings call giving all of their revenue stats and sales. More stats as well as quotes from their Q&A inside!


Click to read more ...


An iPad Case you can have Sex with

Yes, its true. A company called Fleshlight is developing a case similar to the one seen in the picture above. Its an iPad case that you can have sex with...imagine the possibilities. LOL This could be used with porn, Facetime, Photobooth(if you're weird like that) and many other apps. There is no word a release of this case but I'll let you guys know if I hear anything else about it. Who wants a review!?!? LOL

Here's a link with the uncensored case image, 18 or older kids! -


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