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WWDC Recap: iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro, Macbook Air and more! 

Here is my recap of Apple WWDC event!


"New iPhone" - Rumor Roundup

My rumor roundup and thoughts on the upcoming "new iPhone". Do you think any of these rumors are true?


Did you order one of the 50,000 Free iPhone 5 Cases?

So last night Zoogue a companies that I've reviewed a few cases for announced the will be giving away 50,000 free iPhone 5 cases if you just paid the $5 shipping costs. These cases were going to fit the new thinner and teardrop like design of the rumored iPhone 5. Now that Apple has clearly not announced the iPhone 5, but instead an iPhone 4S with the same design as the iPhone 4 I bet you're wondering what Zoogue will do? Well it looks like they are going to hold up their end of the deal and still send you a free iPhone case but it will be for the 4S. Here is what the email I got reads:

Hello, this is a notification that your order for the iPhone case is for the NEW iPhone 4S.

Unfortunately we trusted a source that lied to us. We will be remaking the cases for the iPhone 4S, to honor your order. Everyone that had placed an order will be shipped a iPhone 4S Case, unless of course you would like to cancel your order. We will provide a full refund for any canceled orders. If you would like to cancel your order please simply reply to this email and say you would like to cancel your order also please include your name that the order was placed under. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your understanding

-CEO Tim Angel