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How to get iOS 7 beta 1 NOW

All the downloads will be inside the post! 

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Messages Beta for Mac - iMessage any iOS device or Mac

Apple just released a beta version of its new Messages app for Mac. This app has long been expected from Apple, and as rumors hold true, its a replacement for iChat. The new Messages app will allow you to message any Mac using the Messages app, or any iPhone, iPod, or iPad using iMessage. (why didn't they just call it iMessage for mac). Currently I get an error on the download page on Apple's site so I can't download it at the moment. But give it a shot for yourself and see if you can download and use iMessage! Video coming later today...



Download Messages Beta for Mac -


Redsn0w 0.9.9b8 Update Jailbreaks iOS 5.0.1 beta

Yesterday Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to developers and the next day we already have a jailbreak, but of course it is tethered. Which means you will have to have to plug your device up to your computer and run a program to reboot (turn it off and back on) your device. This is also the option of doing a semi tether when rebooting your device though, which will reboot you into a non-jailbroken state if you done normally. Check inside for download links and which devices this jailbreak supports...

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How to get iOS 5 for FREE (no developer account)

iOS 5 GM (gold mastered) is finally out for developers. What does this mean? Well the iOS GM build is the same software they will release to everyone on the 12th and you don't need a developer account or a jailbreak to activate it. Be aware though, I take no responsibitily if this messes up your device and I did not upload these firmware files. For the download links and guide check inside the post.



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