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Apple Event Keynote Video: New iPad and AppleTV

Apple has now posted the keynote video for todays event. If you don't watch to watch an hour long video though, i'll have my full recap video of the event up soon. Check it out in full, here is the link. -


iPad 3 - Final Rumor Roundup

Details and Times on the March 7th Apple event -

More of my iPad 3 Rumor Round Up videos -


Apple's March 7th iPad 3 Event: Times & Live Coverage

Apple just sent out invites today for their March 7th iPad 3 event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10 a.m. PST. The image above was sent out with the invites showing an iPad with what appears to be a higher quality display and text that reads "We have something you really have to see. And Touch.". I will do my full Rumor video on the iPad 3 in the next few days. In the post you'll find all the details of the event so you can follow along with it as it happens.

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Apple posts the iPhone 4S Video & Specs

Apple released the iPhone 4S Video, filled with info on all the new features added.

There are also a ton of awesome new features that you can see on the product page.


Will Steve Jobs give the Keynote?

Here's another fun poll for you guys. Do you think Steve Jobs will be the one giving the Keynote at tomorrows iPhone event or will it be the new CEO Tim Cook? Make your vote and we will see tomorrow if you're right!


Will Steve Jobs give the Keynote?
No, Tim Cook will.
He will make an appearance. free polls