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Wikipedia App in App Store

If you don't know what Wikipedia is you must be living underneath a rock. Wikipedia has been a open source information lounge that has been useful to many, and now it can be useful on the go. Wikipedia Foundation has released the official Wikipedia Mobile app. This app allows you to search Wikipedia on the move. Down side? This app is not compatible with iPod Touches, because it requires a microphone. Another thing, which is a Wikipedia problem in general, is the fact that its open source. Anyone that knows JS/HTML5 could help out with this site, so you may not find ALL correct answers. However, it still is good to have. Screen Shot inside.


iPhone 3Gs Currently the top selling phone in Japan!

The sales rates of the iPhone has ranked all the way up to 1# top selling phone in Japan! A survey was conducted by GfK Marketing Services Ltd shows that the (Carrier) SoftBank is selling the iPhone at blazing high rates but is closely tailed by the  Sharp SH-06A on Docomo. I hope this lead will stay strong for awhile. I love to see apple doing well!.

SoftBank, the carrier of the iPhone in Japan. SoftBank, the carrier of the iPhone in Japan.

See the list inside....

Here is a list of the top selling phones in Japan.

1. Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB

2. Sharp SH-06A

3. Panasonic 830P

4. Sharp SH-05A

5. NEC N-08A

6. Sony-Ericsson Premier3

7. Sharp SH-02A

8. Casio W63CA

9. Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB

10. Sharp SH001

Data retrieved from engadget

iPod Touch 3G Pictures Show a Camera (Updated with video!)

Images are leaked claiming to be the next generation iPod Touch. Whats new? Looks like this one has a Camera! Now these pictures have yet to be confirmed it still is possible for this to be true. Why would this be good? Lots of Apps in the app store are for devises with camera only. This limits to iPhones only. Now with this iPod (Assuming its true) you can take pictures from your iPod. You can also use such applications that ask to take pics. Could this picture be a fake? Its possible. Lets just hope its not. What do you think? Real picture, or just another photoshoped phoney?

A video came out on this iPod Touch. Does this make it more believable? Yes. Does it mean its true? Not to me. Until Apple officially announce it, its dosn't mean its absolutely real. Heres a video anyway. VIDEO

For more information on this, including extra pictures check out this post on Mac Rumors --> CLICK ME!

Apple's Stance on Modding Your iPhone (Jailbreaking)

Apple has always had its disagreement with jailbreaking. Now they go a step further by adding a Page entitled "Unauthorized modification of iPhone OS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues" on their website. ( Apple claims that if you Jailbreak your iPhone its not only unsafe, but illegal. Many would say "The iPhone is Apple's product, and if you "Mod" it, it would be wrong" however, many others say "A person pays a good chuck of doe for this phone, you should be able to do whatever you want with it". I think there is a point in this. You should be able to! The thing Apple was mad about is cracked apps. (Applications from the App Store that have been "Cracked" so you can get them free) Cracked Apps is basically stealing from Apple. Does this mean they should stop jailbreaking all together? Of course not! There are many iPhones being sold because people know they can "hack" them, as well as put them on other SIM carriers. Apple claims that this act is "Illegal", while others claims Apple can't win this fight. The Dev Team works hard on these Jailbreaks, and even when Apple tried to stop them, they still came out with them. We love our Dev Team! Apple, the day you make it illegal, I'll stop till then, I will do what I want when I want! If you want to read the article Apple posted click here -->

iPhone Update That Can SAVE Your Phone!

As you guys know iPhone 3.0.1 was released not too long ago. It covered a couple updates, but the biggest one is the SMS fix. If you don't know what this issue is then I'll tell you. Apparently there has been a specially coded SMS message going around that "Hacks" into your phone. Giving the person who sent the message complete access to your phone. This has been called the iPhones "Confickter Virus". Now this isn't NEW news, HOWEVER what is new is the Apple update that fixes this. Inside this post i will place a video from that explains the update. If you are running 3.0 you should REALLY consider upgrading to the 3.0.1 version. It could mean the well being of your phone. Read more for a video -->

[via Bwana]