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iPhone on the Verizon Network?

iPhone, as we know it, has been on one carrier only, and thats AT&T. Now as we all know you could get iPhone on the T-Mobile network, but that requires jailbreaking. People have been wanting iPhone on the Verizon network since its release, but Verizon dosen't use SIM cards. Therefore it won't work. Now, with something new Verizon released you can get the iPhone too work on Verizon. HOWEVER, there is a catch. Read the whole article to find out what the catch is.

Using iPhone on the Verizon network would involve the above device. This is the Verizon MiFi. Its a Wifi router that takes the network signal off Verizon, and transmits them into wifi signals. I like to call it a pocket router, because its about the same size as 8 stacked credit cards. Doing this proses would not be illegal, but you wouldn't be using the traditional Phone, and SMS apps on the iPhone. You would be using such apps as Skype, Google Voice (coming soon), and text clients like Text free. Using the Mifi you would connect your iPhone with wifi and carry the pocket router around, simple. However, I don't like this method, its something you can try if you REALLY want to use a iPhone, but you're stuck in a Verizon contract. :)

iPhone 3GS Giveaway!

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Copyright Ad??

Watching the new Palm Pre Ad made me think of another ad....I'll let you decide.

What does that remind you of? Read the full article to find out what I think.

To me, This Ads reminds me of......

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Apple Investigating Exploding Devices

A little while ago an Adult in France became a victim of a iPhone Exploding in his hands, or so he and his friends say. Finally the European Commission has told us that Apple is looking into the problem but still think it is something that person done and this is still a very rare case. The European Commission said,"Apple have come back to us ... and what they've said to us is that they consider these are isolated incidents. They don't consider that there's a general problem". Then Apple sent a Spokesman to say the following,"We are aware of these (media) reports and we are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers. Until we have the full details, we don't have anything further to add."

These report finally came out because of a number of people hearing a hissing noise and then a bang as there iPhone Exploded. In fact a man was burned by his Device while he was holding it in his hand.

[via iSpazio]

POP Flaw in 3.0 Mail App

This bug isn't a really BIG deal. It's just a little flaw in the POP mail on 3.0. This video by Popplenrookie will explain what this flaw is. Updates Inside.

One of our TysiPhoneHelp viewers brought to my attention in the comments that this same thing happened on his Yahoo account. I tried it with my Gmail account and the same thing happened. This seems to be a flaw in Mail app period.