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MMS not working already!?

As mentioned in the last post MMS was released. Now they are having problems with it erroring. There are many who are having issues with sending or receiving MMS after this update. Many are saying "This was just released, give it time". So don't be suprized if your MMS isn't working, because many are having the same issue. Please leave a comment saying if its not working, or even if it is working! Let us know what issues you've had as far as this goes.


MMS Released for AT&T iPhone Customers

iphone mms
AT&T finally came through and released MMS for iPhone 3G and 3GS today. It is a free update, available through iTunes. You will need to be updated to the 3.1 firmware and using iTunes 9. This is a carrier update so it doesn't affect jailbroken devices, so its safe to update. MMS, or multimedia messaging will allow you to send video, pictures, contacts, and even voice memo's. So go update your iPhone and enjoy sending MMS!


Zune HD - iPod Touch, Who yah got?

The Microsoft "iPod Touch" killer labeled the Zune HD was released this passed Tuesday. (September 15th, 09)

Zune Vs iPod Touch, You choose!

There are Up's and Down's to each device, Like:

HD Radio

One of the Zune's highlight the Zune HD's radio-tuning ability (which they've had since the original Zune) is its break-out functionality over the  iPod. The internal tuner has gotten a little cooler now with HD radio which mean's it allows you to "Tag" songs on the radio for purchasing later on. If Microsoft is going up against the Apple iPod monster, and half of its marketing game plan is "let's say 'radio' a lot?" it wont make it far.

The HD

The Zune HD has a HD out port, which means you can Sync 720P movies to the beast and when you put the device in the Zune Dock it will output the movie in High Definition! I think this is real neat, almost a buy from my side just for this feature. ?(Note: The zune wont display it in full 720P, It will De-Code it while playing it on the device it self)

Now from the fruit we all loved, Apples side:

The AppStore

Apple's HUGE side of the "War". There has been a total of 1.6 1.8  BILLION downloads from the AppStore. It's what leads Apple market wise.  AppStore has tons of Free Apps (Tap Tap Revenge 1&2 ) and Paid Apps (AppBox Pro) of great quality. Make me wonder how much money apple has pulled in from it!

The OS

The iPod/iPhone OS is so sleek and smooth. Navigation on the iPod is so simple and easy. But will it be blown away by the Zunes Column system make the good ol' Spring Board  look outdated? I honestly hope it does. I want apple to step up it's game with a "Theme" system, or even a total new look!

Who do you think will win? Zune's HD-ness or the iPod Touch's awesome OS? You tell me in the comments below!

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