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iPhone is on Fire!!! Naw....For real!

Yet another case against the iPhone is being inspected. Apparently an iPhone simultaneously blows up, this is not the first time too. A boy taking a look at his girlfriends iPhone will come back and blow up in his face....literally! Apparently the iPhone exploded in his hand, and a piece of the screen flew into his eye. His mother immediately called Apple Customer Service, and they got the same excuse. Apple told them that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a iPhone to explode. Still, the victim has decided to file a complaint against Apple. Could the overheating battery be an issue? What do you think? Leave that in the comments below. Until we know, I guess we'll keep reading about exploding iPhones. Poor Apple, ever since the iPhone 3G [S] looks like they have a lot of hot cases to deal with. Pun totally intended. :D

iTunes 9.0 Rumored to have Blu-ray!

A new report based on the new iTunes 9.0 which should be released pretty soon has said that there is going to be Blu-ray support for users which have downloaded it. This means we might be able to input our blu-ray discs into are Computers and Sync it into iTunes and then later play on a iPhone or iPod. I'm not sure if this will work on every computer but should work on some. But this isn't the only information I've pricked up from the source. They say, "Something that wasn’t so clearly described was some kind of Twitter/Facebook/ integration. Maybe broadcasting what song you’re playing to your friends?"

Well I don't understand fully understand Blu-ray because I don't use it but I was told the source was trustworthy and so I posted this. I hope to hear the ideas talked about in the comments, please tell us what you think about the whole rumor.

[via Boy Genius Report]

Apple Tablet for 2010?

Everyone knows the iPhone or iPod Touch is like a small Mac in your hand. But with all the rumors about this new device could it really make us able to use a Mac in are hands? The picture above shows a small mac, a little bit larger than the size of an iPod Touch. This new Device should be able to run over 70,000 Applications from the App Store. There will be a big difference than buying an iPhone, it should be around $500 too $700 which is between the price of a iPhone and a MacBook. More features should include 3G Updated Speeds and is said to sell more than the Apple TV in the first year of it being Released. Some people have been waiting for a long time to see something like this they could use anywhere they like, at anytime. Carriers should also run on either AT&T or Verizon.

[via ModMyi]

Ready To Roll

Its taken a while but I have finally finished getting the site back to what it wasbe now we are ready to get this thang rolling again. The forum is ready so make sure you make an account and start posting! The blog will also start up again, this time with more post daily! Remember you need to create an account on the blog as well so you can leave comments, ect. Hope you guys enjoy the site!

Quick Update

Hey guys, just wanted to post this really quick before I head to bed. Sorry I haven't got the site full up and running again. Bare with me, I've been really busy with stuff the last few days. Just be patient. :)

And just wanted to let you guys know. Join the forum, just don't start posting!!! lol I haven't set up anything on it an everything will most likely be deleted. Thanks.