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Apple 2012 Q1 Earnings Call

Today Apple had their quarterly earnings call giving all of their revenue stats and sales. More stats as well as quotes from their Q&A inside!

[via 9to5Mac]

Stats from their Earnings Call:

- $46.33 billion in revenue

- $13.06 billion net profit

- 37.04 million iPhones

- 15.43 million iPads, up 111%.

- 5.2 million Macs

- 15.4 million iPods

- Mac App Store has seen over 100 million apps downloaded.

- iTunes brought in $1.7 billion in revenue during the quarter. 140 million downloads December 25th.

-$24.4 billion in revenue from mobile sales.

- Apple’s market cap has passed Exxon’s, making them the world’s most valuable company. 

- iPhone 4S is now available in 90 countries.

- 1.5 million iPads being used in schools.

- 600,000 copies of iBooks author.

- 3 million copies of iTunes U app download

- 315 million cumulative iOS sales.

- 85 million iCloud customers

- 170,000 iPad specific apps

- $4 billion in total App Store revenue, $700 million in December quarter

- $6.1 billion in apple store revenue

- 4 new stores opened in the quarter. 361 Apple Stores.

- 110 million vistors in Apple Stores during the quarter. There were 22,000 vistors per store, per week.

- $97.6 billion in total cash. $64 billion of the cash is off shore. “We’re being responsible with our money, and not letting it burn a whole in or pocket.”

- The March quarter will be a 13 week quarter. Revenues expected to be $32.5 billion.


-”Can you describe the iPhone momentum as you ended the quarter.. enthusiasm for the next quarter.”

-CEO Tim Cook: “we’re excited about our 37 million iPhone sales…attributed to customer excitement, Siri, and other features. We made a very bold bet regarding the demand of the iPhones 4S. We were short of supply, and had a significant backlog. The situation is improving into this quarter, and we’re still short in some key geographies…The iPhone 4S was the most popular iPhone during the quarter.

-”Just to follow up, can you talk about whether the pent up demand is coutries that have had the iPhone, or new coutries just added to the list? Secondly, do suppliers allow you to keep up with the demand — i.e. China. Is there any restraints?”

-CEO Tim Cook: “demand is off the charts in China. Other countries were smaller in a demand sense. We did make progress as we moved from the end of the quarter to now and have caught up in some countries. Some were not caught up. Regarding the component environment, they helped us over achieve. HDD is the only issue, but Apple shouldn’t have an issue except cost.”

-”About the hard drive situation: I’d love a little more detail there. Any impact regarding Mac sales? Will HDD sales have impact on revenue during March quarter?”

-CEO Tim Cook: “We’re not expecting material supply impact. We have included cost increase in our guidance.”

-”Regarding iPad, are lower price tablets affecting sales. How about competition in 2012. Like Amazon’s. “

-CEO Tim Cook: “We’re really happy with our record sales, and this is consistent with our long term beliefs. I believe that the tablet market will sometime be larger than the PC market.”

-”Peter or Tim, I’d like to follow up your comment regarding usage of cash. Is this different than what you have been doing historically.”

-CFO Peter O: “We’ve always discussed internally our cash with management and the board. I’d characterize this as active — nothing to announce.”

-”CES had the connected TV, the Apple TV now seems dated. What’s Apple’s strategy?”

-CEO Tim Cook: “Apple TV is doing well. Last fiscal year we sold 2.8 million devices. Last quarter we sold 1.4 million — which is a record for the company. We still consider the Apple TV a hobby.”

-CEO Tim Cook:”Cloud is more than a product, it’s a strategy for the next decade.”

About acquisition of Anobit:

-CFO Peter O:”we required Anobit for IP and creative teams, like our others. We’re disciplined with our acquisitions.”

-CEO Tim Cook:”we will continue adding new carriers, specifically smaller. We’re also adding more smaller countries. Nothing else to announce.”

-CEO Tim Cook:”55 million iPads sold to date — since April, 2010.”

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The first fiscal quarter is typically a very strong one for Apple, so it's just a matter of time before we find out whether the results are good enough to please investors and Apple-watchers alike

March 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermspy

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