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Welcome again. :)

I hope you guys are as happy as I am to see the site back up and running. Even if it is ugly and has nothing on it right now. I will be getting us a new template that looks niceĀ  and professional for you guys to enjoy. I'm looking for new writers so if you want to write send me an email If you send me an email asking to write for my site and you can't spell don't bother sending it. lol I will keep you guys updated, the best way to keep updated is to follow me on twitter. Thanks for coming back and helping us stay a strong community.

Welcome to the NEW

Just wanted to let you guys know. I will be working VERY hard to get the site back up and running and get us a new forum going. I will still do my best to use the back ups of my blog that I have but as for the forum, I don't think there is anything we can do. Keep checking back for updates. If we get hacked again all it will do is give us more information on the hacker! Stay tuned...
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